To heal is to be whole.

Now, more than ever, people require tools that support them through times of change. . . Heartworks is one of those tools.


Ellen operates as a massage practitioner and facilitator in her Killcare Heights studio all year round providing both locals and visitors with exceptional remedial, ka huna temple style and Heartworks massage.


Alongside massage, Ellen facilitates several courses each year, allowing you to come and learn the healing powers of Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi; one of the most popular and relaxing forms of massage.

Ellen McCall

Ellen has been specialising in bodywork for over 13 years. She has visited her family in Hawaii many times since she was a child and feels the Aloha spirit and traditional Hawaiian way of life have been gently guiding her toward this bodywork & facilitation path. She feels now more than ever people need tools to support themselves during times of change....Heartworks is one of these tools.

After an unfulfilling career in real estate Ellen completed her Diploma of Remedial massage at the College of Natural Therapies in 2007 but not before she discovered Ka huna massage & it completely changed her life. She continued her learning at Mettes Institute of Bodywork and Personal Development in Queensland completing 6 levels of Ka huna massage, Heartworks facilitation, Group Dynamics & Spirit of Woman. In the process she was surprised to learn that she loved facilitating. She loves watching people transform over the course of the workshop. She founded The Gentle Heart lomi lomi in 2016 to share this incredible healing modality. Mettes Institute is somewhere she calls home and will continue to visit as often as possible.

Ellen has designed Heartworks courses specific to New Zealand & Bali, a place she has lived on & off over the years with her young family.  

In 2020 Ellen has started an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at the Australian School of Remedial Therapies in Sydney and is developing new and exciting programs that bring life & growth to her workshops.

What they say.

"This workshop opened my eyes, body and heart to a world completely new to me. My hands felt alive and aware, and I thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge and teaching being offered to me."


"Your hands reveal your heart. If your hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart. Their soul will reach out to yours & healing will flow through you both."

Aunty Margaret

"An incredible sacred space. I enjoyed the whole course and I now feel confident to go out and give the gift of Lomi Lomi to my family and friends."


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